Creamy Wagon Wheels

A simple pasta dish with all the delicious creamy flavours! Quick and easy to prepare and cook, this recipe will easily become a family favourite.

Mung Bean Avocado Salad

McKenzie’s Mung Beans are a healthy addition to any recipe. These little powerhouses are full of nutrients, providing a good source of protein and dietary fibre.

Easy Rice Pilaf

For a simple way to cook this meal staple, follow our delicious rice pilaf recipe! Tasty and easy to prepare.

Beef Tacos

Get out of your shell and slip into this one! A tasty fiesta in your mouth is waiting, these beef Tacos will be a crowd favourite for sure!

Tuna Bake

You’ll be surprised by the simplicity of this retro tuna bake dish. It’s sure to win every one over!

Creamy Potato Bake

A classic family favourite is about to get a whole lot easier & tastier. Wait until they taste the creaminess of this masterpiece!

Penne with Sun-dried Tomato Pesto

A classic pasta that is as quick to make as it will be to finish when you’re devouring it! Tastes like Italy and is oh-so simple to create! Yum.

Tomato & Thyme Soup

Look no further for a traditional favourite than this rich Tomato & Thyme Soup. Made with minimal ingredients and full of flavour it will be your easiest go-to soup.

Thai Chicken Patties

This lean and delicious pattie is a great burger hack! Everyone will love the zesty lime and Thai flavour – these patties are an all-time favourite!