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Edible Gift Bouquet


No one will have ever received a hand-made gift as special as this delightful bouquet made by you!

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Ferrero Roche
Lindt balls
Allens Strawberries & cream
For decorating: Small flower pot or empty jar (mouth needs to be wide enough to fit half of the polystyrene ball inside)
For decorating: Polystyrene ball (you can find these at any craft store)
For decorating: Tooth picks
For Decorating: Gold Ribbon
For Decorating: Gold wrapping paper
For decorating: Red wrapping paper
For decorating: Metallic papers (any choice of colour)
For decorating: Christmas tag


  1. Wrap the pot and the polystyrene individually in wrapping paper.
  2. Place the polystyrene ball in the top of the pot (it should sit about half way out).
  3. Staring at the top of the ball, stick Lindt balls onto the tooth picks and poke them into the ball. Repeat this until you have the desired amount of Lindt balls at the top.
  4. Next push a marshmallow all the way onto the tooth pick, then place a strawberry & cream lolly on top of it. Place this toothpick into the ball. Repeat in a single row around the edge of the Lindt balls until you have full circle.
  5. Next cut up the metallic papers into squares. Push a square of paper onto the toothpick, then push a Ferrero Rocher ball on top of it. Then place the toothpick into the polystyrene ball.
  6. Repeat the above step with the remaining space on the polystyrene ball. Be sure to bunch the Ferrero’s closely together so that the metallic paper sticks out. Alternate the metallic paper colours so that you get a burst of colour.
  7. Tie the ribbon around the base of the pot. You can thread on the Christmas tag here if you like, or stick it in the top with the treats!


Tip: A small flower pot works great for the base, otherwise empty glass jars such as pickle jars can also work!

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