2nd December 2021

Table Setting

A beautiful table setting is so simple to put together using items you have around the home. Here’s one that we have put together that brings our Christmas table to life.

  1. Start by setting by laying down a neutral tablecloth or linen fabric .
  2. Add some layering by folding another tablecloth or fabric in a different colour, but similar tone, into a long rectangle- this can act as your table runner down the middle.
  3. Place a mix of the hessian covered cans and jars along the centre of the table- staggering them so it doesn’t feel too ‘perfect’.
  4. Add some neutral dinner plates, side plates, drinking glasses and cutlery.
  5. Finish off with some festive touches like flowers, gift tags and a bon bon for each guest.

We used gold and red as our accent colours for this table setting, which instantly makes it feel festive and inviting.

Adding a feature such as metallic cutlery elevates a table setting and adds a level of finesse.

We complimented the gold of the cutlery by gifting each guest a matching gold bon bon, and a gift tag with their name- these small gold accents help tie together the overall look of the setting.

Giving some thought to the small details on a table setting can really help it feel even more special.

Keeping with the casual and relaxed feel of the setting, we tied each guest’s cutlery together with a personalised gift tag and a sprig of rosemary.
These final touches are what makes this setting feel even more special, as well as giving your guest the beautiful scent of Rosemary before lunch is even served!

Hessian Vases

  1. Rinse and clean used metal cans, and remove any labels
  2. Lay the can down on a piece of hessian, and cut the fabric to size- right to the edge of the can.
  3. Secure the hessian with double sided tape or a hot glue gun, and let it set.
  4. Fill the jars with water (roughly half way), and add your choice of flowers!

We used small, mixed Australian Native branches we found in our gardens amongst the jars in this festive table setting.
Mixing small scale flowers and foliage creates a ‘hand-picked’ style that feels relaxed and homely, rather than an overly styled arrangement.

Glass Jars

  1. Clean leftover jars, removing any smears or marks.
  2. Remove the lid and place flowers of choice upside down inside the jar, snipping the stems where the jar lid meets.
  3. Screw on the jar lid and flip upside down (so the flower is standing upright).
  4. Complete with a festive ribbon tied around the base to cover any unmatching lid colours.

We used freshly picked Bottle Brush that a neighbour shared with us in our jars to compliment the other Australian Natives in the setting.

Using larger scale flowers in the jars not only is a nice contrast to the smaller florals in the hessian cans, it also creates a feature on the table, and will help them sit better once the jar is flipped.

To all of our Locals, we wish you a very Merry Christmas.