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Winter Recipes

Cottage Pie

The name “cottage pie” was first used at the end of the 18th century. It was around that time that the poorer people of Britain, people who lived in cottages in the country, started using potatoes as everyday food. Then, pies made this way were very popular because they were economical, today they are popular because they are easy, economical and delicious.

8 Serves20 minutes

Lamb & Lentil Masala

I realise this uses a jar, but gee it’s a jar of deliciousness. This is that perfect dinner full of goodness on those nights when late in from life, time just isn’t on your side.

4 Serves15 minutes

Tomato & Thyme Soup

Look no further for a traditional favourite than this rich Tomato & Thyme Soup. Made with minimal ingredients and full of flavour it will be your easiest go-to soup.

8 Serves2

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