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Cheesy Cheese Burgers

  • 6 Makes
  • 45 minutes
  • 15 minutes


1kg Beef Mince
3 slices Jarlsberg Cheese
3 slices Kraft Singles Cheese
Tomato Sauce
2 large Brown onions
2 tablespoons Butter
6 Brioche Buns
Bread and Butter Pickles


  1. Split the mince into 12 equal portions, press into patties slightly larger than the bun.
  2. Break the Jarlsberg and Kraft Singles slices into quarters and lay onto one mince patty and place another patty over the top and press the edges together sealing the cheese inside.
  3. Slice onions into rings, and caramelise in butter.
  4. Cut the Brioche buns apply butter and lightly toast the inside of the bun in a hot pan until lightly golden.
  5. Cook the patties in a BBQ, turning as required, cook to preferred doneness.
  6. Assemble the Burger as follows: On the bottom bun place a circle of tomato sauce. Place a portion of the onions inside the circle of sauce. Place the patty over the onions. Place 3-4 pickles on top of the patty. Finish it off with the top bun.


Recipe Credit: This recipe was shared with us by Ghazanfar Ahmedi. Ghazanfar runs 3 IGA stores: Ahmedi’s IGA Kandos, Ahmedi’s SUPA IGA Gulgong and Ahmedi’s IGA Baradine. The Ahmedi family enjoy sharing the recipe with their BBQ Beef Ribs recipe, delicious shoestring chippies and creamy coleslaw.

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