The Winter blues can get to the best of us, but if we have a better understanding of the season and its effects on us, we can keep our spirits high even as the temperatures drop low.

Winter is a season for slowing down and going inward.

If left unchecked this can lead to lethargy and depression but, if we move through the season with intention and awareness, this slowing down can be sweet, restorative and inspiring.

I don’t know any adult who doesn’t yearn for more time to rest, yet I also hear people say in winter, “I’m so sleepy, I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

The truth is, there is nothing wrong, this is the natural response of the body and mind to the season telling you it needs a break.

If our mindset resists this we often struggle and beat ourselves up for something that is actually natural.

On the other hand, if we have a mindset that embraces the slow period, we feel like the longer nights and less social season is a sweet reprieve.

In other words, check your mindset and give yourself permission to rest and relax.

Time to inquire, inspire, and dream

When we’re busy and running around, it’s hard to review our lives or take in new information.

When we slow down it gives us space to look at what’s been working for us and what we’d like to change or improve.

Use this season to inquire inwards. Rather than ‘be’, take some time to ‘see’. Journal, meditate, or simply daydream.

Winter is a time to dream up visions that come into fruition in the Spring. Nuture the seeds of your dreams with inspiring books, information, and planning.

You don’t have to take action immediately, instead take time to get clear. With clarity, actions come easily. Without clarity, we struggle.

Connection to our bigger vision and knowing the Winter slow period is actually supporting it through clarity, keeps us inspired and positive.

Healthy Habits in Action:

  1. Give yourself permission to slow down – start to see this as a gift.
  2. Meditate or journal about your visions for life.
  3. Find inspiring books, podcasts or shows to keep you inspired and aligned with your bigger vision.

Get the kids involved

Encourage your children to dream and envision. Ask them what excites and inspires them. End the day with gratitude for something and you’ll both stay positive even with grey skies.

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