Top tips to spread the love within your community this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day doesn’t need to be just about that one special someone. Why not spread the love even further this month and treat your community to some v-day sweetness. Here are a few thought starters…

Get baking!

No-one can turn down something sweet on Valentine’s Day and our Chocolate Beetroot Cupcakes are the perfect, healthy alternative! For a loving surprise, make a batch of these and drop them off at the doorsteps of people around your community, or go one step further and hold a local bake sale in the theme of red, pink and white.

Get crafty!

Nothing says I love you like something handmade. Spend some time getting creative, whether it be crafting a hand-written letter, framed photo or friendship bracelet and surprise someone who makes your community, workplace, or school a better place.

Get social!

Find your best pink and red clothing pieces and spread the V-day spirit by organising a community walk or get together. This is the perfect opportunity to share some neighbourly love, all whilst getting to know the people that make your community so special.

Get helpful!

This Valentine’s day, consider offering a helping hand to someone in your community who may need it. Whether it be an elderly member who can’t quite carry their groceries or perhaps the neighbour, who needs some help getting their garden up to scratch!

Finally, a reminder to spread the love within your community not only this Valentine’s day, but on all days!

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