How Vinnies can help spread joy for you and your community this Christmas

Christmas is a time of love, laughter and indulgence, and it’s right around the corner! And for families with kids, it also means plenty of new toys filling the home.

This year, IGA and our charitable partner Vinnies Australia, continue to work together to brighten the season for Australians. Because with a small act that’s a tonne of fun, we can make sure that your old toys keep bringing joy to Aussie kids in 2024!

So follow along and find out how decluttering and donating your much loved toys can make your Christmas (and everyone else’s) as joyous as possible.

What is decluttering

Simply put, decluttering is the process of looking at what you’ve got in your home and deciding which stuff you want to keep and which to get rid of.

How to do it

Simple really. Just follow our quick tips!

1. Rally the kids

Enlist family members to help! You can go through old toys, laugh and reminisce, and give them the nice moment to decide what they’re ready to have someone else love.

2. Sort, sort, sort!

In your chosen room, get 3 sections ready to sort, group and pile your items.

Section 1: For items that you still want to keep.

Section 2: For items to be donated.

Section 3: For items that need to go.

3. Take the leap

Grab your piles and commit! Put back the stuff you’re keeping, throw out what needs to go and head to your local Vinnies.

As a proud partner of Vinnies Australia (URL), we can all help make someone else’s Christmas amazing by donating items and making sure they’re continued to be loved. All that with the added bonus of also doing your bit to encourage the reusability of products and reducing landfills! (can link to the donation page

And lastly

We know decluttering can be hard. So if you prefer to help in other ways, check out the Vinnie’s Christmas baubles available in IGA. Buying a bauble helps support Aussies who are struggling to pay basic expenses like food, bills and rent this holiday season.

Merry Decluttered Christmas, everyone!

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