Fun ways to spend Earth Hour with your kids

Earth Hour serves as a great reminder for us all to switch off from our devices and switch on to the negative effects of excessively using non-essential electric appliances.

This year, IGA is making it even easier for you to take part in this one hour without power by providing a series of fun activities you and the whole family can do that don’t require any electricity. Just make sure to keep a couple torches or candles close by!

1. There’s no better way to keep cozy than with a home-made fort! Grab all pillows and blankets in sight and challenge the whole family to create the perfect hangout spot for your hour without power.

2. Are you a family of hidden talents? Use this Earth Hour to unleash your inner superstar and put on a talent show. Go all the way and give yourself a stage name and costume to really sell your act… it’s lights! camera! action! (just without the lights).

3. Board games are the perfect way to get the entire family involved in a fun-fuelled Earth Hour. With phones, social media and streaming sights ruling our day-to-day lives, this is a great way to recharge and reduce yours and the kid’s screen time.

4. Light up your home while having some fun, and try making our Orange Skin Candles – have them ready to light for earth hour!

  • Using a paring knife, cut around the middle of the orange without piercing the flesh
  • Gently push fingers around the flesh of the orange, separating it from the skin. Make sure that the stem remains intact as this will be the wick
  • Fill the orange halves with vegetable oil
  • Light the orange stems when ready to use. Caution: Do not leave candles unattended and ensure orange skins are relatively flat or stable on the bottom to avoid tipping.

5. Get outside! Set up a star-gazing picnic in your backyard with some yummy snacks and take in the beauty of the night sky, or go one step further and pitch a tent for you and the family to camp in overnight. There’s no better way to pay tribute to the earth than by embracing the great outdoors!

6. Who says you need electricity to make something yum? Have a go at making our fun sushi rolls and enjoy a dinner that is good for you and your planet. Just make sure you have cooked rice ready to go! View Recipe

Have a go at one or more of these family friendly activities this Earth Hour and see just how much fun you can have electricity-free! Plus, remind yourself and your kids to be mindful of your electricity usage on all days!

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