Low Prices Every Day

At IGA we keep the spirit of community alive by offering you a tailored product range, genuine and friendly service, supporting local suppliers while giving back to local communities and offering you low prices every day across the store.

Head into your local IGA store now to check out great Low Prices Every Day.

*While stocks last. Participating stores only. Excludes IGA-Xpress, Foodland and TAS.

Find these products and loads more at your local IGA

Huggies Essentials 40-54 Pack Selected Varieties

Quilton White Toilet Rolls 18 pack

Devondale Block Cheese
500g Selected Varieties

Hans Rindless Short Cut Bacon 750g

Primo Sliced Meats 80-100g Selected Varieties

Chris’ Traditional Dips 200g Selected Varieties

Ski Divine or D’lite Yoghurt 1kg Selected Varieties

Smith’s, Twisties or Assorted Multipack 5-6 Pack Selected Varieties

Abbott’s Village Bakery Bread
680-850g Selected Varieties

Helga’s Bread 680-850g Selected Varieties

Tip Top The One Bread 700g Selected Varieties

Wonder White Bread 700g Selected Varieties

Dine Cat Food 85g Selected Varieties

My Dog 12x100g Selected Varieties

IGA Low Prices Every Day FAQs

What is the Low Prices Every Day program?

IGA is committed to offering our customers great low price value on a range of selected everyday products that we know our customers love and need. Our Low Prices Every Day program is reinforcing a commitment to shoppers that we are giving them great value when they shop with us.

How were products selected?

We asked our customers! Then chose the most popular products that we know our customers are looking for at every day prices on their weekly shop.

Is it available in all IGA stores?

The Low Prices Every Day program is available at all IGA and SUPA IGA stores.

How long will it last?

Our Low Prices Every Day program is here to stay. It’s not a special but a long term pricing promise.

Will Low Prices Every Day replace our Price Match program?

No. Price Match is still one of our competitive pricing programs offering our customers great value. Price Match is where we match competitors on that product. Low Prices Every Day is offering even further great value.

Find these products and loads more at your local IGA

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