Scam Alerts

Scammers are getting more and more sophisticated in their attempts to get your money and personal details, with new scams popping up every day. We ask that you remain alert and report anything that looks suspicious, remembering if it sounds too good to be true it probably is!

Protecting You From Scammers

At IGA we will never request personal, or banking details and no legitimate business or agency will ever request payment in Gift Cards.

Please be aware of any unsolicited text messages or phone calls, websites or competitions that look like they come from IGA asking you to:

  • Share or like a Facebook post in exchange for groceries or gift vouchers
  • Call a phone number to provide personal information
  • Complete a survey that promises a reward when you supply personal information
  • Make unusual payment requests, including Gift Cards, iTunes Vouchers or preloaded debit cards

Be aware, be alert and protect yourself from being scammed by following these tips and advice from Scamwatch.

Common Types of Scams

IGA customers have reached out to find out whether offers they have received are legitimate and come from IGA. Please be aware of the following types of scams:

Example 1: International Friendship Day Giveaway

An unauthorised IGA email promoting the chance to win an iPhone 12 for the participant and a friend.

To verify that you are receiving legitimate communications from IGA, ensure the Facebook/Instagram username is @igaAustralia. Be sure to check our Facebook page for official posts.

Example 2: IGA Voucher Giveaway

An unauthorised IGA email promoting the chance to win a $500 IGA voucher

To verify that you are receiving legitimate emails from IGA, be sure to check the address you are receiving the email is from [email protected] and be sure to add us as a safe sender.

If in doubt just ask!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask – we are here to help!

If you have any concerns about an offer you have been sent, you can validate this by contacting us via the contact us page here or by visiting our Facebook page for official information.

Please help us to stamp out online scams and fraudulent activity by reporting these to the Australian Taxation Office on 13 28 61 or Scam Watch via their website at

Need more info?

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