Hacks around the home to help the environment

More often than not, the products we buy and throw away could have a second life. A recent study showed Australian households to be the highest contributor of plastic and organic waste, generating a total of 12.4 million tonnes a year.*

In this article we’ve put together a few hacks for around the home that work to protect our environment and as an added bonus, save you a little cash!

Coffee grounds

Energise more than your mind by creating your very own DIY body scrub using leftover coffee grounds. Simply mix with coconut oil and use next time you’re in the bath or shower for a spa-like experience that feels, smells and tastes amazing! Alternatively, add a handful of coffee grounds to your compost pile to boost the nitrogen component needed to break down plant matter and help prevent mould growth.


Vinegar is your new household superweapon, with the power to eliminate a whole bunch of waste-provoking cleaning products. Next time you run the dishwasher, try substituting your regular, commercial rinse aid with white vinegar for an extra sparkly clean. You can also mix with baking soda for a simple yet effective bathroom cleaner.

Baking Soda

When it comes to fresh produce, baking soda mixed with water makes for the perfect all natural and non-toxic soak to clean and remove pesticides. Baking soda can also be used to deodorise and neutralise carpet odours – simply sprinkle liberally over the trouble spot, rub it in and let it sit for a few hours/overnight, before vacuuming the remanence up.

Stale bread

Don’t be so quick to chuck out a loaf going stale. Cover chunks of it in your favourite seasoning and chuck in the oven to make delicious croutons for your next salad or soup dish, like our very own Sweet Potato and Coconut Soup or Grilled Zucchini and White Bean Salad. Handy tip! Pop your bread in the freezer before it goes bad to extend shelf life and reduce food waste.

These hacks are just some of the ways we recommend repurposing what you’ve already got to promote planet-friendly cleaning options that make for a happy and healthy environment.

*Australian Bureau of Statistics (2018-19), Waste Account, Australia, Experimental Estimates –  ABS Website.

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