Get active and healthy with your furry friend

Getting your pets moving is just as important as looking out for your own physical health.

The same as humans, animals need to get enough exercise in their weekly routine to avoid health problems like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and respiratory problems…

That’s why we’ve come up with a bunch of fun ways to get active with your furry friend!

Not only that, these activities will benefit your health as well, whilst encouraging you to get outside before we move into the colder months.

1. Go for a walk or run

Next time you plan on getting your steps up, grab your pup and make it a joint mission. The more comfortable your dog gets, the more you can up the ante – whether it be taking them along to your favourite hike trail or adding on a couple kilometres at the end of a run.

2. Take them to the beach

Nothing says beach day like taking your furry friend along for the ride! Between the warm sand, busy waves and hours on end of frisbee, there is no better way to get your pet moving! Park up at your favourite, dog-friendly beach and don’t forget to keep them hydrated and in close access to plenty of shade.

3. Set up an obstacle course

This one is a great way to challenge you and your pets creativity, agility and skill. Head to your local park and use materials you’ve got like camping chairs, stools, goal posts and more, to create your very own dog obstacle course. Not only will this get them moving, but it can also assist in improving confidence!

4. Play a game of tug of war 

A fan favourite for most dogs, tug of war is the perfect combination of fun and fitness for your furry friend. The game serves as a great form of resistance training for both you and your pet and as a handy tip – have a couple treats nearby to help train them to release the rope on command.

Show your pet the love it deserves and get moving this month with one or more of these fun activities!

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