Happy heart health

A healthy heart is of course one of the important pillars of a happy, growing child. There’s many ways to support your kids’ heart health, to ensure they thrive.

Getting active outdoors

As we know, physical activity is a great way to promote a healthy heart and reduce risk of cardiovascular diseases. For kids, there are a bunch of fun, engaging activities to do which encourage heart health. These include skipping, jumping on a trampoline, playing hopscotch and more. Any activity that gets them moving regularly is great!

Healthy heart foods

What we eat plays a big role in heart health and reducing the impact of heart disease, especially if good eating habits are started at a young age. Foods that are beneficial for the heart include, leafy green veggies, whole grains, berries, avocado and fatty fish and fish oils. Here are some delicious, kid-friendly, heart healthy meals from our Healthy Living recipe collection: Banana Chia Pancakes, Teriyaki Salmon Poké Bowl, Raspberry Flaxseed Tart and Beetroot Tart.

Healthy habits

Healthy habits are a great way to get kids in a positive routine, which they can take on into life as they grow up. Perhaps it’s getting them into the garden or a community vegetable garden to start learning about growing fresh herbs or veggies, or going for a short walk after dinner time, or getting them involved in the cooking process so they learn the importance of cooking fresh, at home.

Do kids stuff!

Keeping a healthy heart isn’t just about being active and eating the right foods. It’s important to make sure kids are relaxed, and getting a good night’s sleep. Playing, being outdoors, and doing the things they love around family and friends will help them to feel happy and less stressed, leading to better sleep and happier brains. All pieces of the heart health puzzle!

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