These days there are so many health fads,
diets and opinions it can be hard to know what to follow.

But, you don’t have to look far to find the oldest and most tested guide to vibrant health: Nature.

Our bodies are designed to follow the lead of Nature by eating according to the seasons, local environment and rhythms of the day.

When we align with the Earth in this way, not only do we thrive, but our whole planet does as well.

Health is not just about our individual health, but the health of our families, communities, lands, skies and waters.

In this series, we’ll establish healthy habits that align with the seasons, supporting ourselves, families and the world all at the same time.

Nature Provides Perfectly

Nature provides what we need to balance our body and mind perfectly during each season.

In Autumn and Winter, when the days are shorter and colder, our body needs hearty, grounding, high protein and healthy fat foods. The miracle of nature is that the season’s harvests provide exactly that in the form of nuts, grains and root vegetables.

In Spring, our body needs foods that will cleanse and lighten our tissue after the Winter months and nature provides this with fresh sprouts, leafy greens and berries.

In Summer, when the days are long and hot, we require cooling and high-energy foods such as fruits and vegetables, which again are readily available at exactly the right time.

Simply by eating what nature provides in each season we’re bringing our body into optimum health and balance.

This beautiful synergy with nature applies not only to our diet but also to every aspect of our lifestyle, from exercise and sleep to projects and mental health.

When we align to nature life works better. Throughout this series we’ll reference the ancient system of Ayurveda and its masterful understanding of aligning to the seasons.

Our modern culture has swayed from these simple ways, but you can align at any time and start thriving immediately.

Tips to Align at Any Time

1. Buy Seasonal Produce – Not only is this what your body will most readily digest and feel nourished by, but it’s also the most affordable. Win win!
2. Sleep According to the Sun – Like all things in Nature we’re designed to pulsate between productivity and dormancy, activity and rest. Summer and Spring foster activity with longer days, and Autumn and Winter are about restoring and slowing down. If we skip the restorative cycle we burn out.
3. Align Your Exercise – Being healthy means being balanced, and the type of exercise that balances us change with each season. In the hotter months we want to do slower, cooling, fluid exercises and in the colder months we want to do more vigorous, cardio and heating exercises.

Get the kids involved

Take the kids to a local market, pick your own produce farm or start your own veggie patch and engage them in a game of “what’s growing now?” Start their seasonal awareness education early.