Summer is a time of socialising, expanding and delighting in the long days.

Happiness is such an important part of our mental health, so our summer mindset should honour this time of year and focus on being more playful than productive.

Save the big projects, new endeavours and studies for autumn and give yourself space and permission to slow down, spend quality time with loved ones and enjoy summer.

Be mindful that socialising and sun can become overstimulating, leading to fatigue and irritation. Below find cooling practices that help you stay balanced.

Have Fun and Play

This is the time of year to play and socialise, make the most of it and enjoy! Having fun is an essential ingredient for health after all. The practices below will help you balance out your potentially busy schedule of play.

Find Time to Relax

The heat and social energy of summer can be extra draining, so make sure to schedule time to do very little and just relax so you don’t burn out. Read a book, listen to music or podcasts or just zone out. You have permission!

Mellow Afternoons or Naps

The afternoon heat is not time to be running around, getting stuff done or exercising unless you want a headache and to feel dehydrated and exhausted by the end of the day. Adjust your schedule to have slower afternoons or follow the Latin way and take a siesta.

Get Productive Early

Take advantage of the cool mornings to hustle and bustle around with chores or do activities with the kids and try to arrange your schedule so the afternoons are slower.

Use Cooling Oils and Sprays

Cooling essential oils like peppermint, vetiver, rose, lavender and sandalwood make wonderful perfumes or sprays during the summer months. Before bed wash your feet with cold water and put a little lavender on the soles to cool the body.

Listen to Relaxing Meditations

Calm and cool your nervous system with relaxing meditations or music, this is especially good as an afternoon practice in the heat of the day.

Include the kids

Even if the kids aren’t napping any more, get out of the afternoon sun for hour and play in a darker shadier place so they don’t get overheated and cranky.