Don’t want to keep buying reusable shopping bags now that we’ve gone single-use plastic bag free? This DIY is perfect for you and super easy to do!

You will need:

  • Old t-shirt. The thicker the fabric, the stronger the bag
  • Sharp scissors
  • Marker

How to make it

  • Cut off the sleeves
  • Turn the shirt inside out and cut a half circle around the neckline. This will make the opening of the bag.
  • Figure out how deep you want the bag to be. We made ours a little bigger than A4. Mark by drawing a line lengthwise across the shirt.
  • Cut slits on both the top and bottom layer from the bottom of the shirt to the line you just drew.
  • Take the first slit from the front and back and tie in a knot. Tie the second and third pair together. You should now have 3 separate knots. Take one of the strand from the middle knot and tie with one of the strands from the 1st knot. Take the remaining middle strand and tie with one of the strands on the 3rd knot. Repeat this process until you have no strands left. This seals the bottom of the bg.
  • Time to head to your local IGA for your weekly shopping!