A fun, easy Spring craft! The little ones will love making their own musical rain sticks.

You will need:

  • Cardboard tube
  • Gaffa tape
  • Beans or rice
  • Paper
  • Washi tape in assorted colours
  • Pipe cleaners

How to make it

  1. Cover the tub with washi tape, alternating colours.
  2. Cut two circles from the paper.
  3. Attach one circle to the end of your cardboard tube using gaffa tape.
  4. Place a few twisted pipe cleaners into the rain stick along with rice or beans.
  5. Tape the other paper circle to the opposite end of the stick.
  6. Optional: Tie some different coloured pieces of string to each end for decoration.
  7. Create music with your new homemade rain sticks!