Celebrate Easter with these cute DIY pom pom bunnies!

You will need:

  • Grey wool
  • Black, grey and pink felt
  • Cardboard
  • A fork
  • Strong PVA glue
  • White pom pom

How to make it

Let’s make the head and body

  • To make the small head, wrap wool around the prongs of the fork until a significant amount has bunched.
  • Thread a new piece of wool down the middle of the pom pom and tie as tightly as you can to secure. Take the wool off the fork and cut the loops. You can trim the edges to make it look neater.
  • Now it’s time to make the body. Using a old carboard box, trace around the rim of a cup twice. Cut out from the box and keep cutting until you make a C shape. Make sure you make both C’s the same size.
  • Wrap yarn around the cardboard until a large amount of wool has collected. Very carefully, slide your scissors between the two pieces of cardboard and cut the loops of wool. Make sure you don’t lose any of the pieces out of the opening!
  • Very carefully, slip some wool in between the cardboard C’s and tie tightly to secure.
  • Glue the head to the body.
  • Glue the white pompom tail onto the back.

Let’s make the ears!

  • Cut out 2 large ear shapes from the grey felt.
  • Cut out the same shape but smaller from the pink felt and glue to the grey felt.
  • Glue the ears to the back of the bunny head.

Let’s make the face!

  • Cut out two small circles in black felt and a small triangle in pink.
  • Glue onto the face to make eyes and a nose!