A healthy body starts with a healthy mindset

What does it take to be a good friend?

  • Consideration and kindness
  • Understanding and connection
  • Clear communication
  • Loyalty and support
  • Honesty and respect
  • Generosity and love
  • Forgiveness
  • Common interests
  • Effort

Good friends look after each other

How many of the qualities above would you apply to the relationship between you (your mind) and your body?

Of all the relationships in your life – past, present and future – will you have a more intimate, lifelong friend than your body?

You are probably the dominant one in the relationship but, if you follow basic friendship principles, your body will continue to be a loyal and supportive friend.

Mind & Body - Best Friends ForeverHave you ever taken a friend for granted, or had a friend do it to you?

It is often a slow, disappointing and silent process that results in damage to your friend, or to you, or to the relationship.

Sometimes the damage is irreversible but, more often than not, if the friendship is worth fighting for, it can be mended and the forgiveness process becomes a unique and priceless life experience.

Your body is doing its best to support you – day in, day out.

Are you returning the love?

Download the ‘Best Friends Forever’ story and share it with your children to help them understand the precious, lifelong relationship between their mind and body.