Autumn is a time of letting go, slowing down, and moving out of the busy, social season of Summer.

It is the time of year to be less productive and instead allow more time for rest, rejuvenation and introspection. If we don’t, it can lead to mental and emotional imbalances like anxiety, worry, nervousness, restlessness, aggravation, impatience, distraction, indecisiveness, forgetfulness, loneliness and insomnia.

Animals and plants follow this pulsation of nature by hibernating, and dropping leaves or going dormant. All things need to stop and restore in order to renew and keep thriving. As do we!

The trees don’t violently shake off their leaves. They allow them to slowly fall with grace and beauty. We can also transition through this cooler, spacious season with grace and beauty, and savour the sweet time to nourish and nurture the soil of our body and soul. Here’s how.

Do Less.

Autumn is a time of reduction and clearing, and we can follow nature’s cues by clearing space in our schedule and mind just through doing less. The result is restoration and renewal, and that’s what these colder months are all about.

Create a Steady Schedule.

Create stability and steadiness in your mind and emotions by stabilising your schedule. Maintain a consistent routine during this time of year to stay balanced.

Grounding Morning Practice.

The airy, ungrounding qualities of the season can mean we tend toward worry and become anxious and overwhelmed. To mitigate this, start the day with slow, grounding practices like long walks, meditation or grounding yoga.

Let Go Emotionally.

All of nature sheds and lets go this time of year — leaves, flowers and bark — and it’s an ideal time to process and release emotions. Journal about what you’re letting go of or seek out professional support for your letting go process.

Wind Down Earlier at Night.

The shorter days remind us to get more rest and start winding down earlier in the evening, so we can take full advantage of this sweet seasonal time to restore.

Connect with Loved Ones.

This time of year can lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation, so make sure to take time to reach out and connect with those who love you.

Healthy habits in action

  1. Create a grounding morning practice.
  2. Simplify and steady your Autumn schedule.
  3. Journal about what you’re letting go of this season.

Include the kids

Play calming music at night to get the kids grounded earlier, or even start the morning that way!