Vata season is cool, light, dry, windy, and unpredictable, and can impact our body in a number of ways.

We may experience dry skin and sinuses, muscle and joint aches, decreased circulation, cold, dehydration, dizziness, ear aggravation, respiratory ailments, head colds and sore throats.

Below you’ll find a number practices to manage the typical body imbalances that come with Autumn.

Slower, Strong Exercise.

The movable, light and quickly changing nature of Autumn can be exacerbated if we only do light, quick exercise. Instead, integrate slower and stronger movements into your exercise regime.

Weight Barring Exercise.

Using weights is a great way to ground your body and mind and build strength if you’re feeling light and unstable.

Yin Yoga.

This is a very grounding, relaxing and rejuvenating form of yoga, great to do at the end of the day on it’s own or follow up with after weights and strong exercises.

Moisturise with Oil.

Mitigate seasonal dry skin by moisturising with oil rather than lotion. Oil is more nourishing for your skin, creating more resilience in the tissue and its heavier consistency is calming and soothing. 

Nose and Ear Oil Practice.

The Ayurvedic practices of placing a few drops of warm (not hot) oil in the ears and nose is an excellent Autumn practice for respiratory health and ease nose sniffles and sore throats. Do this at night before going to bed or on particularly cold and windy days.

Long Walks in Nature.

Long walks in nature connecting to the Earth can calm our nerves and clear our mind. If it’s not too cold, kick your shoes off and get your bare feet on the soil!

Take Warm Baths.

Warm baths will increase circulation through our whole body, improve immune response, soften muscles, and maintain moisture. It’s also wonderful for easing mental or emotional irritation. Add bath oils for an extra juicy, nourishing experience.

Healthy habits in action

  1. Use more spices to keep your digestive fire stoked.
  2. Create and stick to regular meal times to ground mind and body.
  3. Eat more soups and add healthy oils.

Include the kids

Take the kids on long walks in nature and use oils to moisturise their skin.