IGA stores across Australia pride themselves on being the heart and soul of the community. The IGA Family Program allows us to take the same values and mission of supporting local communities to a larger audience. We aim to foster and support an online community focused on delivering a healthier and happier Australia.

We’re proud to announce that we’ve teamed up with Sanitarium, Australia’s largest health food company. Sanitarium believe passionately in the potential of every Australian to enjoy a healthy life – body, mind, heart and spirit, which makes them the perfect partner for the IGA Family Program!

Together, we’ll be bringing you specialist health and wellness tools and information to help you and your family live your happiest, healthiest life.

Our members receive exclusive content from our nutritionists and health and wellbeing experts designed to keep you up to date with all things relating to a healthy lifestyle from ways to get more active to how to get your kids eating more veggies.

We even offer members the opportunity to register their Kids for a Birthday present, picked up directly from your local IGA store and designed with creativity and a healthy lifestyle in mind.

Want to learn more? Join up free today and be part of the movement creating a healthier and happier Australian community. Don’t miss our latest competitions, tips and tricks on our IGA Facebook page.

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