Kindness starts at home

November 13th marks the 2022 World Kindness Day and here at IGA, we believe that there’s nothing better than celebrating with your kids. The day serves as a great reminder to always act kindly towards yourself and those around you, and what better place to put this into practice than at home.

Although kindness seems like an easy skill to master, getting the whole family involved is a different story. Have a go at one of these fun, at-home activities and remind yourself and your loved ones just how important it is to spread kindness today and everyday.

Create a kind-compliment box

Grab that old, empty shoebox and get decorating! A compliment box is the funnest way to encourage kindness within the household. Set a daily task for every member of the family to drop a compliment in the box before heading out. At the end of the day, get the family together and go through them as a reminder of just how much you appreciate one another. This simple task is sure to spread kindness and leave each member of the family feeling loved and appreciated.

Write a thank you letter

Saying thank you is one of the easiest ways to spread kindness. Ask your kids to select someone special in their life, who doesn’t live at home, and write a thank you letter. It may be a relative, teacher or best friend, whoever it is, encourage them to write from the heart! This is a great way to practise gratitude and is sure to leave both the sender and receiver feeling extra warm and fuzzy.

For an extra kind gesture, why not cook up a batch of our Healthy Living Chocolate Beetroot Cupcakes and gift one with your letter!

Fill out our kindness acrostic poem!

We’ve made kindness at home easier than ever with this downloadable acrostic poem. Select someone in your household and write something you love about them that begins with each letter of the word “KINDNESS”. Hit the button below to get started and don’t forget to print and hang it somewhere the whole family can see when you’re done.


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