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Community Co Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Tub 1L

(5.00 average rating) 7 reviews (5.00 average rating)

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  • No Artificial Colour or Flavours
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Evenly distributed, creamy, not overly sweet

The icecream was delicious! Not overly sweet or icy. There was even distribution of cookies throughout and was served as an after dinner treat which I will be happy to serve again.


Creamy, smooth, pack filled, value

There was so many cookie pieces in the ice cream (which was so smooth and creamy), it took me by suprise


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(5.00 average rating) 7 reviews
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  1. Tricia

    Delicious, creamy, not too sweet

    This was an ideal dessert and the new item pricing provided excellent value for money. I only had the chance to eat one serve of two scoops, as my teen children were home from college and quickly ate the rest of the 1-Litre tub, as did my elderly Mother. The sweet and delicious Cookies n Cream icecream was literally eaten in one day!
  2. Ngaire

    Yummy, decadent, quality

    Kids loved this!! Was gone very quickly
  3. Felipe

    Delicious, creamy, better

    The best cookies n cream ice cream I’ve had.
  4. Libby

    Creamy, delicious, great

    A bowl of community company cookies and cream ice cream after dinner was the perfect dessert. / The ice cream was so creamy with a generous amount of cookie pieces.
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