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Community Co Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream Tub 1L

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  • No Artificial Colour or Flavours
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Rich, creamy, value

So rich and creamy, can’t believe the price. It is more than comparable with far pricier products


Rich, delicious, authentic

This ice cream was so rich and delicious. The tub was a good family size and there was plenty to share. The chocolate brownie flavour was very authentic.


Smooth, chocolatey, delicious

The chocolate flavour was very chocolatey. The brownie chunks were chewy and very noticeable. The ice cream was smooth and full of flavour


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(5.00 average rating) 13 reviews
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  1. Felipe

    Delicious, worthy, chocolatey

    It was absolutely delicious. Creamy and flavourful, better than any homebrand ice cream I’ve purchased from other stores.
  2. Tracy

    Delicious, good size, quality

    This ice cream was super tasty, the whole family thoroughly enjoyed it!
  3. Laura

    Affordable, creamy, decadent

    Just as good (if not better) than a lot of the brands that sell for 2 – 2.5 times the price. For $4.50 it’s an absolute bargain. The ice cream is rich and creamy, not icy, with lots and lots of cookie pieces. Its our favourite icecream.
  4. stuart

    Smooth, creamy, decadent

    This was a real stand out – I wasn’t expecting this level of quality at the price point. The chocolate ice cream was creamy and decadent, and the chunks of brownie were moist and a real treat. We loved it. It’s probably not the flavour we’d normally select, but it was the only Community Co flavour available at the time, so I grabbed it and we didn’t regret it – it was fantastic. The quality experienced at that price point was a surprise and delight – and led me to go back and try the Cookies and Cream variety later when it became available.
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