The best ways to enjoy apricots this season

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At IGA, we’re all about healthy, fresh, seasonal food. This month, apricots are in season and can make the perfect addition to your summer recipes.

Apricots are super versatile, and great for eating as a fresh snack, a sweet treat in desserts, or even adding to a savoury salad. They’re not only tasty, but incredibly healthy too. They’re packed with Vitamin A to keep your immune system boosted, while also being a great source of dietary fibre and rich in antioxidants.

So we thought we’d share some of Montague’s top tips for one of the most delicious stone fruits of the season.

Keep the skin on:

Enjoy the fruit unpeeled as the skin is said to contain large amounts of fiber and also a great source of vitamins A and C, which are great for the skin and the immune system.

Cutting Hack:

Cut and serve up your apricot like a pro. Gently slice lengthwise segments around the apricot stone. Then, slice the segments away from the stone so as to avoid bruising the apricots flesh. Repeat the process with the other half and you should have a neatly cut apricot ready to serve up!

Storage Tips:

To speed up the ripening if you want to consume in a soft form, keep apricots in a fruit bowl at room temperature, with banana, mango or ripe avocado nearby to speed up the process! Alternatively, dice up and freeze for a great sweet addition to smoothies and smoothie bowls during summer, and slice and add to your ice blocks for a refreshing twist to your ice cubes.

Dried apricots:

You can dry apricots yourself to make them last longer and eat later as a tasty snack. You can dry them halved or quartered, but first, make sure they are fully ripe. Start by rinsing the fruit and patting dry, then place the fruit on a drying tray and keep the cut side up. Place in the oven at a low heat, around 50 degrees celsius. Once the skins start to shrivel, you can increase the heat by about 15 degrees celsius and keep the oven door slightly open until you feel they are ready. Once you have removed them from the oven, leave them at room temperature for about 12 hours before consuming and store in airtight jars and containers.

Add to savoury dishes:

Apricots work best when eaten with fresh salads, or barbecued char grilled on skewers. You can also whip the flesh up into a tasty sauce for main meals or add to baked chicken. Delicious!

Look for the yellow MONTAGUE tree™ fruit sticker at your local IGA for great quality Australian stone fruit.

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