SOME HAPPY DAY, a new film release driving awareness of homelessness.

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At IGA, we care about our local communities and supporting locals in need. That’s why we’re supporting the release of SOME HAPPY DAY, and encourage you to do so, too! The main objective of the film, which is written, directed and produced by Catherine Hill, is to humanise homelessness so it’s understood and seen as more than just a number. We’ve interviewed director, Catherine Hill for further information and insight into the making of the film.

5 minutes with Catherine Hill

Q: As the writer, director, and producer of SOME HAPPY DAY, what would you most like for people to take away from this film?

A: I hope people are moved by our story and enjoy the film. I’d love for people to connect to the characters in the film and their different stories.

I’m hoping this film inspires deeper thinking about the world we live in and the people in our local communities who are surviving without a home. This can then lead to changes in the way we think and act, and inspire individual and community action to help address homelessness.

Q: From your experience as a caseworker for many years, how has your experience impacted the making of this film and the actors starring in it?

A: I’ve been privileged to work with men and women who have experienced unfortunate challenges and are homeless because of that. I’m continually inspired by their resilience and I wanted to write a story that would honour their strength and hope for a better future.

Many of my social work colleagues worked on the film as actors and crew. Many of the members of the groups that helped out on the project, have experienced homelessness and that has added a huge sense of community to the making of the film.

Most of our scenes were set in St Kilda, Melbourne, which has a high street homeless population, so we were literally shooting in lanes and alleyways where people live!

Q: Lastly, what are some small or large, impactful things we can do by ourselves and as a community to help those in need?

A: Homelessness is such a deep-rooted issue that it often feels like a single small action will make no difference, but if everyone acts, we’ll then have a million small actions and that’s incredibly powerful.

My mantra is; “you do what you can”. Sometimes it can be as simple as engaging (if you feel it’s safe) with someone who is experiencing street homelessness. That engagement might be as a smile or a hello. It can be just informing yourself more about the reality of how some people don’t have the luxury of secure housing, and the impact that this has not only on them but on the entire community.

I strongly believe in the power of story and encourage people to watch SOME HAPPY DAY. Perhaps consider hosting a fundraising screening in your local community…  Because stories open your heart and that’s where change begins!

We’d love to say a warm thank you to Catherine Hill.

SOME HAPPY DAY will debut on SBS On Demand on August 1 and will be available on the SOME HAPPY DAY website from August 8.

To help us screen the film to students and educate the next generation of advocates, head to the link below and donate to the education impact resource.

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