Sharing the joy of neighbourly love

To celebrate World Kindness Day and Neighbourhood Watch Week in November, we launched a competition on Facebook to hear all about your wonderful neighbours, and why they deserve some recognition!

We loved hearing all of your heart-warming stories, so we wanted to share our winners’ stories with the rest of our community. A big thank you for nominating some of our most neighbourly neighbours around.


Paddy was nominated for sharing his tasty homegrown mandarins and tomatoes with Mike and his family, for always being there when the dogs need a playdate, or to keep an eye on the house when they go away. But most importantly, Paddy has kept Mike company throughout lockdown this year by sharing a beer or two over their garden hedge.


Maria was nominated for being so much more than just a neighbour. She’s become a good friend to Suzie, and looks out for all her other neighbours too. She’s known for making them delicious meals and treats, and always looks after their homes when they go away. Suzie says Maria acts like a caring mother to them all.


Maur & Kerrie have known each other for over 45 years, and in that time have shared many life events, from losing ones close to them and going through sickness, to planning their gardens and sharing plants. Kerrie wants Maur to know she really is a treasure to her.


Deanne regularly leaves thoughtful gifts at the doorstep for Lynette’s young daughters, she helps with the pets and plants when they go on holiday, but she also listens when life gets Lynette down – never failing to bring a smile to her face. Sometimes, all your neighbour might need is someone to talk to.

A great reminder to us all that, as we’re spending more time at home and in our communities, that even the smallest acts of kindness really can go a long way.

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