Mental health retailer story

At IGA we believe that supporting our communities starts by supporting our teams.

IGA stores across Australia pride themselves on being the heart and soul of the community. And to be able to be the best we can be in our communities, at IGA that starts within, looking after the health and wellbeing of our own staff. Because a healthy, happy team can only have positive outcomes in the world around us.

As part of the IGA Locals Matter Community Program, we will be sharing stories that celebrate the passion and dedication of IGA store owners, who are aiming to strengthen and support individuals to work towards a healthier and happier Australia.

Michael & Roz White purchased a small convenience store on the Sunshine Coast back in 1993, where their retailing journey began. Since then, their business has grown and the White’s IGA Group now consists of 5 stores across the area. They both strongly believe in supporting and giving back to the local community. Something they are equally passionate about is supporting staff in all aspects of their health, with a strong focus on mental wellbeing.

White’s IGA are proud Alliance Partners of the Thompson Institute, University of the Sunshine Coast, who help to provide mental health support training options to all of their staff, aiming to help managers and team leaders provide support and recognise the triggers associated with mental health conditions.

In addition, White’s IGA are providing their own initiative by integrating the issue of mental health into their Workplace Health and Safety Policies. They have developed a health and wellness strategy which addresses the emotional and physical safety of their staff, covering topics such as mental health, financial wellbeing, healthy relationships, physical wellbeing and nutrition. Richard Thompson, World Champion Ultra Iron Man, is on board as a brand ambassador, as well as an in house dietician to provide education and support to their customers and staff on physical health and nutrition.

Our heartfelt thanks to all of our retailers who support a healthy workplace.

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