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We’re excited to introduce you to Anna and Alex, the smiling dietitian duo behind The Biting Truth, and leading Australian health and wellbeing experts. We’ve partnered with The Biting Truth to deliver specialist nutrition and wellness advice within our Locals Matter Community Program, to help every member of our community stay fit and healthy.

The duo have a no-nonsense, science based approach and a natural ability to translate complex information into simple, everyday messages for us to all understand! They’re full of practical advice, healthy recipes and ongoing motivation for people who want to eat right and feel their best. They work closely with businesses, schools and childcares to create tailored healthy eating programs, and are regular guests in the media. You might recognise them from Channel 7’s Sunday Night Program or Channel 10 News, or you may have seen them elsewhere online, in magazines, or the radio. Anna and Alex have also long been passionate about the environment and the benefits of eating more plants, and champion a flexitarian diet.

You can trust that they know their stuff, and we’ll be sharing with you their top tips and never-ending nutrition knowledge!

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