Make the most of plums this summer

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The MONTAGUE tree™ Premium Plums are sweet, juicy, crunchy and full of flavour! You might have noticed that they also come in three different skin types; black with  red flesh, red with red flesh, and the sweetest of all are the dappled coloured skin with red flesh.

The MONTAGUE treeTM plums are delicious and of premium quality. Each is carefully evaluated to ensure you have the most refreshing eating experience in the warmer months. Plums are in season throughout the Summer, from November through to February, grown in various regions across Australia.

The Locals Matter Community Program loves to enjoy seasonal, local produce, so we wanted to share some tasty inspiration for how you can enjoy plums this season too!

Marinades and sauces

Plums can make the most delicious sweet marinades for your summer BBQ’s. Try out Montagues BBQ Chicken Skewers Recipe with a Spicy Plum Sauce . The flavour of plums also goes perfectly with lean pork or duck recipes.

Breakfast toppings

It’s great to kick-start your day with local, seasonal produce. Try topping your cereals or oatmeal with fresh plum wedges, or stew your plums with cinnamon for a sweet topping!


Montague have put together a delicious, refreshing plum smoothie recipe to try out this summer, perfect for a tasty on-the-go brekkie or afternoon snack, and great to mix it up from your regular smoothie fruit choice.

Add to salads

You can add plums to pretty much any salad to mix up your flavours! Try roasting them in balsamic vinegar for a tangy topping, grilling them with roast veggies, or have them fresh to whip something up quickly!

The MONTAGUE tree™ plums are specially selected for superior flavour, appearance and quality, full of colour and flavour. Look for the black and yellow MONTAGUE tree™ fruit sticker at your local IGA for great quality Australian stone fruit, and sign up to the Locals Matter Program today to receive more content like this direct to your inbox.

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