Act of Generosity Competition

To celebrate a century of Cadbury bringing people together through a love of chocolate, we invited people to nominate someone deserving of recognition for their act of kindness. Each month from May – September 2022, we are selecting 20 pairs of lucky winners.

Gwen Tomkins

Gwen is a 82 year old, who is constantly searching for a neighbour she can help with in their garden. She spends a couple of hours everyday pulling weeds, shovelling dirt and planting. Last week she was even found shovelling rocks! Nothing stops her helping her neighbours. Many neighbours in our street and the adjoining street have benefited from her kindness and her cups of tea when all gets too much. She is a true blessing.

Mandaly Fry

Mandaly constantly donates so much of her time to her local highschool's P&C, despite no longer having kids at the school. She also donates her time, resources, and space to a local charity to help local women in need.

Rhonda Barrington

Rhonda has been cooking meals for neighbours with Covid. She has also made amazing cup cake baskets and gives them to people in our community - newsagents, the deli, doctors, podiatrist, chemist, egg farm, cafe to name a few. Rhonda is always making things to give to people to make there day a little brighter.

Pam Saligari

Pam is a very hard-working wife who helps out around the farm, doing the books and cooking for shearers. All the things she does for the farm and family is just magnificent and now at the age of 79!

Dan Hausler

Dan and my husband are two blokes in our small community who are forever volunteering their time for the good of others. They are the President and Vice-President of our local cricket club and involved in committees and coaching for junior association cricket teams, and are always very encouraging.

Lillie Giang

Lillie is a chef who has been inspired with her cooking to helping others. When storm damage through the Dandenongs cut power out from the community, she got a volunteer group together and donated food and put wholesome meals together for the community and volunteers. From there Lillie & co have continued to cook meals for people in need.

Tammy Robinson

Tammy deserves to win as she helps so many students free of charge with outfits for their formals. She collects donations of formal wear and donates them for free to school students who otherwise wouldn't be able to attend their school formal. She collects dresses, suits, shoes, make up, jewellery and purses. All whilst being a single mum with a heart of gold.

Karen Slater

Karen has brought a community together of like-minded women. They provide support/donations when families are doing it tough, a safe space for asking for help. She puts up posts of uplifting quotes/pictures - lifting all our moods during the tough times. Karen opens her home for the community to go visit her resident birds and she is always there for a cuppa & chat.

Joan Watson

My friend Joan has been delivering knitted teddy bears to the Children's Hospital & Camp Quality for about 30yrs & that is roughly 50 thousand teddies!

Adrian Jarman

Adrian has been our neighbor for two years. He's the kind of neighbor you could ring anytime, even in the middle of the night. He is a true friend, and really deserves the recognition for being as such. He's always looking to make someone smile.

Yvonne Savage

Every year, Yvonne carries out fundraisers in our small town of Heyfield, in order to fundraise for her beloved charity of The Royal Childrens Hospital. There are raffles, sausage sizzles, pickles, chutney and preserves to home made cakes, easter baskets and mothers day raffles and more. She is a wonderful person who is involved in a group that cooks meals for the community each week and is on many committees in town.

John Donaldson

John is 84 he is a volunteer member of the Salvation Army. He helps their emergency services serve food, setup beds during fires, floods and disasters. He stands for hours at shopping centres and footy grounds in all weather collecting money to help those less fortunate.

Alex Glover

I believe Alex deserves to win something nice. Alex always generously offers his skills when I am in need of help. This could be painting, fixing the door, cupboards or even taking the rubbish out. He would pull over if someone has a flat or has fallen over. Recently this occurred to an elderly man and Alex stayed with him until help arrived. He's a fantastic, hardworking father and chocolate is his favourite treat!

Debbie Murphy

Debbie volunteers at an animal welfare organisation. In her role she helps save and re-home unwanted cats and dogs, as well as kittens and puppies. She is passionate about her volunteer work, and works tirelessly above and beyond her role, as well as managing the Op Shop, where all proceeds made go to the care of the animals. In recognition of all her hard work and love of the animals, I would love to see Debbie win this prize.

Glenys Denny

She's a loving nurse for 20+ years and is always checking up on people in our town and making sure they are okay. She doesn't give up on anyone, treats everyone equally and is the only one that continues to put others first. She deserves this as she's always giving and never receiving. She protects everyone she fronts; a very kind and loving soul.

Rani Wallace

Rani volunteers her time to coach youth basketball teams and has just started our towns very first, all inclusive basketball program, as well as being a mum to 3. The program is for intellectually and physically disabled children and adults. It runs on Saturdays and volunteers her time and resources to ensure it's kept free for all families.

Darcy Witherspoon

Darcy is a remarkable young man who uses his own vehicle and money to visit local homeless people in our area. He takes time to chat to people in our community who would otherwise be lonely and forgotten. I'm sure many young people would rather spend their days and nights having fun but he is very dedicated. I know he will donate his prize for others to enjoy but would like him to know he is appreciated.

Lynda Thompson

Our neighbours Lynda & Edward have helped us so much above & beyond what neighbours usually would. They have helped us out for the last 30 years; always popping in to see if I'm alright, letting our dogs out the back door, feeding them keeping an eye out on our letterbox & rubbish bins. Their generosity and kindness has no boundaries! I love them & highly appreciate everything they have done.

Julie McNamara

She works really hard volunteering for lifeline and really helps the community. I would love to thank her with the help of IGA and Cadbury.

Candice Papesch

Candice is a front line worker, a registered nurse and she has given her time to the community during covid and loves helping people.

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