Act of Generosity Competition

To celebrate a century of Cadbury bringing people together through a love of chocolate, we invited people to nominate someone deserving of recognition for their act of kindness. Each month from May – September 2022, we are selecting 20 pairs of lucky winners.

Dave Quillam

Because Dave very kindly donated a wheelbarrow to Malanda Girl Guides so that we can use it as a vessel to make a big Fathers Day hamper to raffle off. We are trying to raise money for some of our girls to attend a Jamboree in Victoria next year. The generosity of local community minded people like Dave from Malanda Rural Supplies allows us to do this.

Damien Steward

Damien is our neighbour and he and his partner are very kind and generous. I am a lollipop lady at a local school and Damien will often pick up my son for me from his school. My son has autism and when plans change it can be problematic. Damien is very patient and kind to him and never hestitates to pick Jason up for me when I am called to work on short notice. He is also a great person and an awesome neighbour. Thank you, Damien.

Lynne Nott

Lynne has worked tirelessly for the Community Theatre for over 50 years, never expecting to be thanked although appreciated by many. I know she would be grateful for this surprise gift. Thank You.

Heather Prowd

Heather is always willing to help me out, no questions asked. She was especially helpful when I had a very serious accident. Nothing was a trouble to her. She looks after everything for my husband and I if ever we need her. She is a wonderful friend and I treasure our friendship.

Wendy Howard

Wendy walks twice a day with her dog Maggie around Kangaroo Flat area where she lives. Wendy is often saving wildlife that she may find injured while walking, and helping people in our Community and offering support to her neighbours. She also volunteers at our local Salvation Army. Wendy is a people person and I am privileged to be known as one of her best friends.

Jan Kennedy

Jan is a fantastic and very thoughtful neighbour who always does all the little things for you, and nothing is a problem for her and is always there. She helps keep our small street together and in touch with each other.

Michelle Fiegert

My mum, Michelle, is the most selfless person I know. She is forever offering her services to those who need it. She is always first person to volunteer at her local church, grandkids school or her own organisations. When there is even a hint of someone feeling unwell, had a baby or suffered a loss, there is a care package waiting for them from Mum. Lasagne or quiche, a tin of freshly baked biscuits, home made jam or fresh produce from her garden. She makes biscuits for the local coffee shop too.

Jodie Huttunen

This mum is amazing, so kind and thoughtful to everyone. She makes such wonderful things to take to her family sports, always sharing suprises on special days, making goods for the trading table - she just loves helping everyone. With 4 teenagers you can imagine how flat out she is but never complains. ONE IN A MILLION. It would be lovely to give her a surprise back. Thank you.

Danielle Marino

If it wasn't for Danielle, our community would not be as tight and close as we are. Danielle always holds every get together at her house and accomodates for everyone. Whether it be a feed or a bed to sleep in. Danielle is a beautiful kind soul, who would do absolutely anything for anyone.

Joanne Butler

A wonderful lady JoJo, who volunteers in our local community at the age of 60 has volunteered 3 times a week for over 4 years to prepare and cook ready made meals and yummy lemon myrtle biscuits. This is the total of over 40 thousands seperate meals to people in the community. Amazing work! We love JoJo and this is a great way to say thank you.

Georgina Phatouros

She is 87 and lives on her own. When she cooks, she cooks for 25 people and shares her love with the entire street upon which she lives. She is known as the Leonora Street legend.

Melanie Bergin

Puts everyone before herself. Her life is caring for other people as both a single parent and an aged care worker. Doing home care, she has improved the quality of life of so many people. It would be nice to win this for her. I know it would mean a lot.

Te-neale Brown

My friend deserves to win because she is a support teacher at Milton Public School and is also studying to become a full-time teacher. She is in the local fire brigade too. She drives every second weekend to get her step-daughter after working for all day at school. She is there to help anyone who needs it. My friend is truly a great person.

Zoe Adshead

My lovely middle child works exceptionally hard, long hours as a recently graduated registered nurse but always find time to care for colleagues animals when needed. We are so very proud of the caring young professional she has become.

Ruth Kenny

During the time my husband and I had Covid, my friend Ruth made sure my young pre-primary aged child had a lift to and from school every day so she wouldn't miss out! She also dropped goodies and activities for the kids when they were in isolation. She also has 3 young kids under 5, I've never been so grateful for my community!

Kenneth Farrell

Ken has been a bus driver for service and school runs. I feel all drivers have done an amazing job getting kids to and from school, before, during and after Covid. He gets up at 4am every work day and has done so for over 25 yrs rain hail or shine!

Francine Narrier

I would like to nominate my neighbour, Francine. When my partner and I first moved to the small country town of Moora we did not know a single person... That was until our lovely, elderly Indigenous neighbour Francine welcomed us to her community with open arms, introducing us to both her friends and family. Thanks to Francine's time, kindness and generosity we have met fantastic people from all ages and with such culturally diverse backgrounds.

Sharni Cameron

Sharni gives so much of her time for our local AFL Club. Even though she works full-time, she also runs the clubs canteen, all the events and does the fundraising. We have so few volunteers and Sharni keeps putting her hand up. She helps everyone she can and is always first to arrive, last to leave and often with more than her own children. She is an exceptional person who always puts others first.

Elisabeth Poulton

She is an incredible person with a heart of gold. If someone needs help she is at the forefront willing to do whatever is needed. Her support over many years both financial and personal for her friends and family has drawn praise from many area's. This lady will be with you in a flash if you need her. She would go to then ends of the earth for anyone in need.

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