Act of Generosity Competition

To celebrate a century of Cadbury bringing people together through a love of chocolate, we invited people to nominate someone deserving of recognition for their act of kindness. Each month from May – September 2022, we are selecting 20 pairs of lucky winners.

Michelle Spicer

Michelle is generous to her neighbours, family and friends. If any neighbour calls for help, she willingly obliges. Every Christmas she makes her neighbours a plate of biscuits. Michelle has a heart that freely helps anyone in need ie. a meal to someone not well. Michelle helped her sister out when she couldn't raise her twin babies. Michelle, her husband and their 4 children brought the premature twins home to raise. Seven years later she is still doing a wonderful job raising them.

Cheryle Greene

Since retiring last year, Cheryl spends most of her time helping friends and family. From cooking up meals and treats to being taxi service for those who need a lift and helping out at the football and netball clubs for her grandchildren. When friends and neighbours are sick, Cheryl is the first one to come to their aid. Cheryl works harder in retirement than she did when she was working full time. Thank you Cheryl!


Laura runs a coffee shop where she is always actively helping and working with the community. She probably gives away more coffee than she sells. She wears her heart on her sleeve and nothing is too much trouble. She has a heart of gold and would do anything for anyone. She is such a deserving and genuine soul who works tirelessly for her community, donating her time and raising money for those in need.

Nadia Lellie

Miss Lellie is my daughter's pre-school teacher and always goes above and beyond for her students. She has made my daughter's transition to school such a wonderful experience and even walked with her on her first day of after school care and stayed with her to make sure she was settled in and feeling confident.

Jess Belle

My friend is a humble and hardworking soul who continually goes above and beyond to help others. She spends hours of her time each week doing things such as volunteering at the soup kitchen, collecting rubbish and taking elderly neighbours bins out. She does it out of the goodness of her heart and never expects recognition or anything in return. She inspires me to be better!

Judy Cook

My friend Judy Cook is an amazing partner, grandma, mother sister and friend to so many. She has many health issues herself but still puts everyone else first. Even when she is in pain. She drives miles to give you a hug when you're down, she drives miles to take her grand children to sports etc. She recently lost her Grandson in an accident but was a rock to her family. She is there whenever I need her. She is one in a million. Thank you

Sarah Simon

Sarah is completely selfless. A busy single mother of 2 young boys, who also runs her own book keeping business. She puts everyone else first. If someone needs a hand Sarah is there to help. She will make soup for sick people, drop off a tray of donuts on the door step of someone just to cheer them up etc. It's the little things that can make a huge difference in someone's life. Sarah deserves a nice surprise!

Tim Kirby

Tim is a fantastic neighbour! We are a retired couple and much to our surprise when we moved in a year ago, Tim started mowing our large nature strip. He has progressed to doing beautiful edgings and spraying weeds, all for nothing and very regularly! He is always there with a handy tool of sorts to help us out with odd jobs. He keeps and eye on our place when we are away, and all for the love of being a great neighbour which I am sure we all would like to see more of!

Jeff Barrington

Jeff is the most caring, passionate person i know. He always puts others first. Everyday he does a nice gesture towards a stranger. His moto in life is 'one act of kindness a day makes the world a better place'. He always looks out for the elderly in our community and will stop to help anyone. He volunteers in the SES, he is in the fire and rescue NSW and Army Reserves. His whole life is dedicated to helping others.

Carey Blaik

Carey runs a great not for profit organisation for people living with mental health issues. She is caring and kind and goes above and beyond for the people that visit her service. Carey is one of the rare ones that provides a service, not for financial gain.

Sherry Datta

Sherry is just one of those amazing people who lights up your day! She is constantly checking on her friends, being an amazing mum, and helping people around her. She is involved in her school communities, and genuinely cares about people!

Jan Douglas

Jan is a warm friendly neighbour who treats everyone with warmth and kindness. She will often retrieve our rubbish bins from the nature strip after being emptied and wheel them into our front garden without any hesitation. All the more considerate as she is in her eighties! I know she also quietly assists others in the street too, whether it be a rubbish bin return or a friendly chat.

Peter Dumcombe

Peter is a wonderful giving person. He has a full time job but continues to give to his community and state by being a volunteer with the state emergency service and RSL. He does this with care and commitment to those in need, without seeking recognition

Kristen Roder

Kristen was hands-on during the tragic Lismore NSW floods working tirelessly scrubbing & sanitising our Sth Lismore home that had been inundated with 4ft deep filthy, unhygienic floodwater. Her for-thought to come prepared with mops, buckets, & sponges and cleaning vinegar was very much appreciated & a godsend. She also supplied home-cooked meals on a daily basis & stocked our freezer with 3wks worth of home-cooked meals before returning home. Her caring ways sustained us & restored our faith.

Mark Gillis

Mark is the the most incredible person to have ever braced this planet. His selflessness and compassion seems to be limitless. If there's ever a struggle or a problem, he is always there to help. This man's kindness and empathy that exudes his heart, seems to spread like wildfire to all of those around him, inspiring them to try and be better people, taking the time to improve both themselves and inspire change in the community.

Sharon Whiteis

Sharon & her 11 yo son Caleb started 'Calebs Community Kindness Cupboard' in Glenwood NSW. They stock food donations in their garden pantry, where locals come and help themselves. Sharon also works tirelessly packing weekly food hampers. She gathers donations from local businesses & packs food hampers that she gives to families in need. They help many families every day, moreso during Covid lockdowns. I would love Sharon & Caleb to win an IGA thank you hamper!

Samira Liban

Samira is a wonderful addition to our community. Through various charity organisations she helps deliver anything we need, whether it's food or a helping hand. Even the odd cheeky chocolates here and there. We are so grateful to have her, especially during Covid times, as a lot of us are still unable to be out and about. I do hope she wins and thank you for this initiative.

Danielle Dolinski

Danielle is the kindest person you will ever meet. She is a mum of 4 beautiful kids with the best manners. We moved in next door to them almost 2 years ago and they have become our closest friends. I have also recently become a first time mum and she has been absolutely amazing and would do anything to help. Danielle also has a huge love for Cadbury chocolate and so do I! What else do you snack on when you're up all hours of the night feeding a baby!

Teresa Jones

Teresa is a tireless volunteer, fund raising and advocating for cancer services here in Bendigo. Her acts of generosity have had a great impact on our community for decades, and will continue for years to come.

Michelle Chaplin

In the recent flood Michelle's house went under, she lost everything and is in the process of rebuilding on her own, with limited help. On top of this she is backwards and forwards between both her daughters houses, helping them fix their properties up and if it's not that, she's helping out babysitting her grandkids. This woman is always on the go. Such a hard working woman who gives everything to everyone else. She definitely deserves recognition for her generosity and giving so much.

Betty Breeze

Betty goes above, beyond and even further to help out anyone and everyone. She is a strong advocate for community values and the biggest driver of our local community events. If you need help young, old or indifferent she is there. She may not be as young as she used to or as physically able but she will always find another way to support and encourage others. If you need a job done or a cake baked then she's your lady - and really she's just a bloody good all round bird.

Donna Church

Donna makes these beautiful dolls for our charity. She has designed the dolls and makes all the clothes for them. The heartwarming fact about these dolls is that they come in all coloured skin tones - one recipient put the doll next to her skin and said "look these dolls are the same as me" - a big deal for a little girl. These dolls are all donated to us free of charge, bringing smiles to those children in need is all the payment she receives. Please see Sewing for Charity WA to see her dolls.

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