A guide to where Montague’s Australian stone fruit comes from

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At the Locals Matter Community Program we love fresh, seasonal produce, but we also love to know where it’s come from and whether it’s locally sourced! We’ve partnered with MONTAGUE tree™ this summer to help discover where their stone fruit is grown and what makes it so delicious!

The MONTAGUE tree™ nectarines, peaches and plums which are in season over the summer months are grown across Australia, in Stanthorpe Queensland, Swanhill, Cobram and Shepparton Victoria, and the Perth Hills & Donnybrook in Western Australia. These areas are the best for growing their premium fruit because of the warm days and the cool nights. They have the perfect climate, growing conditions and rich, fertile soil to produce amazing fruit. There’s now a total of 36 MONTAGUE tree™ growers of these stone fruit varieties in these regions.

We’ve caught up with one of their stone fruit growers, Mick Young from KA & AM Young P/L SHARP Fruit, based in Woorinen in Swanhill, to get the backstory to what he does as a MONTAGUE tree™ stone fruit grower.

What stone fruit do you grow Mick, and how long have you been doing it?

We grow the MONTAGUE tree™ premium nectarines, peaches and plums. My parents started growing the fruit back in 1978, and myself and Angela have been permanent on the farm for the past 12 years.

What’s your personal favourite of the three fruits you grow?

I love them all, but have a taste for the sweet yellow nectarines and sweet dapple plums.

What do you love most about what you do?

I find it very satisfying to take a whole year to grow a product, and then see the final result being delivered to the consumers to enjoy.

What are your favourite stone fruit facts to share with the Locals Matter Community Program?

The spots on the nectarine skin usually means that it is a sweeter piece of fruit to eat, it has higher natural sugar levels. It’s also worth knowing that a small skin blemish doesn’t affect the flavour of the fruit at all.

How do you enjoy spending your summer?

Summer for us is very busy, but we love to take the family through the orchard to taste test our own fruit and feel proud of what we do for Australian consumers.

What’s your favourite stone fruit recipe?

Personally, I’m partial to a home stewed yellow and white nectarine mix with a dollop of custard or ice cream!            

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