6 ways to celebrate International Cat Day

What better than a day dedicated to celebrating those furry felines in your life! We’ve created a list of 6 paw-fect ways to celebrate International Cat Day.

Special time with your cat

It’s a simple one, but spending quality time with your cat is a lovely way to celebrate and enjoy your pet. Maybe quality time for you is entertaining them with toys, having lots of cuddles or just spending the day at home with your cat? Whatever it is, today is the day to do more of it!

Make tasty cat treats

Treats don’t have to be only for those big occasions, why not make Tuna Biscuits for your cat today! These bunny biscuits are easy to make and will be sure to make your furry friend very happy. Here’s a recipe you can make, don’t wait for Easter!

Volunteer at a local cat shelter

This is a lovely thing to do, especially if you love cats but you don’t own one yourself. Volunteering often involves giving the cats fun play-time, cleaning their shelters and feeding. It’s an endorphin booster for you and the cats!

Hold a cat themed party!

What’s more fun than watching your cat with their feline and human friends at a party? If you have socialised your cat and are confident it is happy to be around others, invite over your friends and their cats, serve treats and have toys to make it a special day!

Adopt a cat

You may have read our previous article about the benefits of owning a cat, if so, International Cat Day could be the perfect day to adopt one. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to provide a home for a cat in need, as long as it suits your lifestyle and theirs to ensure you both have a happy life together. Most adoption organisations have checklists to make sure that you and your chosen cat are a match!

Say ‘cheese’!

If you’re a cat parent who takes pictures of your cat on a daily basis, good on you! If not, today’s the day to get your camera out and take some snaps of your favourite feline. Why not put a photo or two in a picture frame to remember that everyday should be International Cat Day!

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