Benefits of owning a cat

Benefits of owning a cat

Have you ever thought about getting a cat? There’s a lot of responsibility that comes with owning a pet, and sometimes it can be tricky to make a decision, but there are lots of benefits to consider too! Here are just some of the positives of owning a cat…

Low maintenance

Most cat breeds are low maintenance compared to other pets such as dogs. You can still train your cat to do certain things, but you won’t have to worry about multiple walks a day, or a frequent grooming routine. Cats are also lovely pets for apartment and city living – they don’t need a huge amount of space to play or explore. They often find special nooks in your house or apartment that keep them happy and occupied, as well as a small amount of toys.

Cats are quieter

Again, unlike other animals, cats are very quiet most of the time! While they do make some noise, those meows and purrs tend to be quiet and if anything, comforting. Both of these noises are different with each cat and it’s worth learning what the different meows mean for your cat.

Health benefits

It’s scientifically proven that owning a cat can reduce stress and feelings of anxiety. Even a quick cuddle session with your cat can bring on this lovely benefit. Also, there is evidence to suggest that a cat’s purring has healing capabilities on muscles and bones in humans, due to the vibrations of the purring.

Kids and cats

Cats can be a beneficial addition to your family and for your kids, too! Having a cat or any pet at a young age can be useful for teaching kids about responsibility and caring for animals. Cleaning a litter box, or playing with and feeding a cat can teach kids important habits to keep when owning any pet. Don’t forget about the beautiful bond kids can make with their feline friend.

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