5 ways to have a fun and active Summer

There’s no better time to get moving than the Summertime! Do your mind and body a favour and hit those exercise goals, all whilst soaking up some much needed vitamin D. Give one or all 5 of these fun, Summer activities a go…

1. Walk don’t drive

Get your steps up and save your wallet at the same time! Leaving yourself some extra time to walk is one of the easiest ways to squeeze a workout into your week, and it can also provide an opportunity to clear your mind from the stresses of everyday life. Chuck on your favourite playlist, a podcast or invite a friend and leave the car keys at the door!

2. Play a team sport

Gather your mates or members of the community and set up a friendly game of soccer, touch footy, basketball, whatever you fancy! This is a great way to exercise, whilst socialising and potentially picking up a new skill.

3. Go for a bike ride

Why not make this the summer of discovering the great outdoors! Grab a friend or make this a solo mission and get pedalling.

4. Organise an outdoor training session

Exercising outdoors is the perfect way to spice up your weekly workout routine and can also be a great alternative for anyone looking for a cost-saving and flexible alternative to the gym! Inviting a group of friends to join is also a great way to keep yourself motivated and on track to reaching your fitness goals.

5. Get in the water!

This may seem like an obvious one, but swimming is a great form of exercise, while also improving coordination, balance and posture. Plus, who doesn’t love cooling off in the ocean or pool on a hot summer’s day? Just don’t forget to slip, slop, slap!

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