3 simple tips to support men’s health and wellbeing

Sadly, men have an increased risk of suffering from a number of diseases vs women, such as heart disease and diabetes.

But it’s not just physical health that’s a threat to men. Suicide is the biggest killer of men in Australia. With increased conversation around men’s health each June, we’ve put together 3 simple tips to consider if you aren’t feeling your best!

1. Get active

Inactive men are 60% more likely to suffer from depression than those who are active. It’s easy to get lost in the day, from working long hours, to family life and other commitments, but being active is a controllable factor in our lives which will have a positive impact on our overall health. It’s not only your mental health that will improve, but will also help to reduce the chances of other diseases, like lowering the risk of heart attack.

2. Ask for help

Don’t suffer in silence. Over the years, many men have come to believe asking for help is a weakness. But most illnesses can be treated quickly and easily whether you’re noticing physical changes and symptoms, or suffering from stress, anxiety or depression. It may just help to speak to friends or family about how you’re feeling, or it could be something that requires a quick trip to the doctor – either way, don’t put it off any longer! 

3. Catch up with mates

In challenging times it’s important to have a community around you, and it’s easy to undervalue the importance of mateship. Catching up with friends can have a hugely positive impact on your mental health, whether it’s face to face for a walk or a meal, getting together for a day at the park, or if it’s over a video call. And remember you’re not alone, scheduling time with friends might not only be benefiting you, it might help your mates too!

For more information on men’s health, and to find out about the specific events held internationally in June, visit https://www.menshealthweek.org.au/

Our nutritionists, The Biting Truth, have put together their top science based tips for optimal men’s health from protein intake to alcohol consumption, read more here

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