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CommunityCo Pink Frangipani & Boronia Laundry Powder


colourful, colourfast, fragrant

washed the clothes really well smelt nice too

Ryan Nick

Economical, Works, Cleans

A washing powder that did it’s job excellently, there was no residue on the clothes and the scent wasn’t overpowering. It cleaned all my clothes at a really cheap price!

James Nicola

Great value , Nice fragrance , Stain free

The laundry soap had a nice smell. My cloths came out the same as my more expensive cleaners

Wyatt Peter

Clean, Fresh, Cheap

Clothes came out clean and fresh. Also a great price.

Marr Stephen

fragrant, economic, efficient

Love the fragrance.
Good result.
Economical per load

Morris Ute

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