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Black & Gold Butter Block (Salted) 250g

(4.69 average rating) 13 reviews (4.69 average rating)

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  • Australian Made


Tasty, value, handy size

I liked the taste and texture of the butter. Just the right amount of salt especially for cooking or on toast.


Great quality, tasty, Yum

The butter was decently easy to spread after being in the fridge. Tasted great on toast, fries a toasted sandwich well and doesn’t melt in the cupboard. It was great.


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(4.69 average rating) 13 reviews
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  1. claire

    Smooth, creamy, tasty

    Saw no difference it using this for cooking than any other brand
  2. Stuart

    Value, creamy, dependable

    We generally use butter blocks like this for cooking, but we did give it a direct taste test for comparison and it was fine. Would not be what we’d purchase to have on some fresh crusty baguette… but ideal for cooking. In terms of taste, texture and performance, it matched any branded butter block, but at a better price point – so in terms of cooking butter, I’d give it 5 stars for its value and performance.
  3. Libby

    Value, tasty, pure

    I use this butter all the time for cooking and spreading. It’s a great value product, when butter has become so expensive. / I leave it out of the fridge, so it’s easy to spread. Good for sandwiches, toast and baking.
  4. Jacqui

    Refreshing, tasty, pure

    I enjoyed using this product, not one I’d normally buy, but I found it to equal my normal brand. It’s good value for the money
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