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Black & Gold Frozen Potato Chips Straight Cut 1kg

(4.29 average rating) 7 reviews (4.29 average rating)


good size, tasty, moreish

i usually have fish and chips friday night which i always cook myself,i found your chips really pleasant a little better than most needless to say i will be buying them again thank you.

edward merlehan

value, crunch, long (cut length per chip)

the crunch I got when eating the chip (it’s all about that crunch).


valued, suprising, enjoyable

Chips are chips are chips as what can you really change when you use potatoes as the major part of the product? Well my view is the coating on the chips and how fresh they taste when cooked. The other point here is a price point because, lets face it, who looks at the packaging when presenting the chips to people to eat once cooked? Packaging is really only used here to catch your eye and make it seem a better product when really the contents are actually the same really.
To see and compare products one against the other and without the knowlege of my wife, I decided to cook two different brands of chips for her to try. I placed the two different chips that I had cooked onto seperate plates that I had marked underneth so I could identify the chips and then asked her to place them on the table for both of us to try. This retained the blind tasting as whilst I had cooked the chips in the same way and at the same time, I had no idea what plate contained what chips as both plates were exactly the same and she placed them on the table without me seeing what plate went where.
This placing completed, we both tried the chips and unsurprisingly neither of us considered one chip was better than the other. The colours, flavours and taste were exactly the same and we ensured we did not use salt in the first instance. When again trying them with salt added, unserprisingly neither stood out over the other one.
So what did this show? These chips have the same flavour, colour and taste as the other chips and therefore no matter what you pay or choose based on the outer packaging you will be serving up exactly the dame chips to your guests.
So what would I do, mmm here it comes down to what package do you like or are happy to pay for as the more highly decorated or branded the chips are then the more you pay. Where this is a plain black and yellow brand and plain white bag with yellow on it, it is also cheaper but you give up nothing in the outcome so why spend your hard earnt money just on packaging that no one will see if you don’t show it around?

Steven Wright

Fluffy, Soft, Tasty

A light and fluffy texture and moderate flavour


Tasty , Quality, top of the range

100% just what I needed.


family sized, value, economy

Definitely good value for money. Good family size. Easy to prepare.

Kristi Kaspars

Crisp, Natural, Delicious

B&G straight cut chips are great to have in the freezer. They contain simple ingredients and are a great addition to meal times. I will purchase these again.

Rebecca Stollery

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(4.29 average rating) 7 reviews
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    Fluffy, Soft, Tasty

    A light and fluffy texture and moderate flavour

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