Travelling with your dog

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Be certain your dog’s vaccinations are up-to-date well in advance of the trip so your dog has time to develop his immunity levels.

Carry the dog’s health and vaccination certificates with you. They may be needed if you fly; and may be required by a kennel if you should have to board your dog during the trip. To ensure protection for your dog, ask your veterinarian if there are any watch outs for the area you will be visiting (high tick area). Take heartworm and/or other necessary medicine your dog may require on the trip.

Always be certain your dog is wearing an identification tag giving his name, your name, your home address and telephone number including the area code; and, if possible, your vacation address and telephone number. Take colour pictures of your dog and write a description of his height, weight, colour and distinguishing marks to carry with you. If your dog should become lost, these identification aids could make the difference in locating him.

Before leaving, take your dog for a walk. You will still have to stop along the way, but he will be more comfortable as the trip gets underway. During your stops, provide water for your dog to drink. You may also reward him for being a good traveler by offering a dog snack. Do not feed your dog for at least three hours before leaving on a trip. Feed him shortly after arriving at your destination or when you have stopped for the day.

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