Feeding an indoor cat

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Indoor cats are usually less active and more prone to weight problems. Consider feeding your indoor cat food specifically tailored to their lifestyle. If you want to know the best cat food for indoor cats, there are a few dietary requirements you should look for when considering the different cat food diets.

The diet of an indoor cat

Keeping slim and lean is a major problem for the indoor cat. Typically, a desexed cat living in a stable, warm but restricted space will have less opportunity for exercise. This makes it much harder for indoor cats to retain their natural shape than outdoor cats.

It is important indoor cats aren’t overfed, which can lead to obesity. Over-feeding is especially widespread amongst owners who like to leave food out for their cat during the day particularly if they are at work.

You only need to put out a measured amount of food which meets your cat’s energy needs and nothing more… To continue reading this article from Purina, click here.

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