Feeding a fussy cat

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Fussy eaters are common in the cat world. Unlike dogs, who devour everything edible and some non-edible items too, cats are far more discerning in their tastes. This can be a source of frustration for their owners.

Your feline friend may be a fussy eater if he or she:

  • only eats certain flavours or textures of cat food
  • likes you to feed them by hand
  • only eats foods made by you
  • only eats a mouthful and then demands feeding every hour

When pickiness becomes a problem

For many owners, feline fussiness is not a problem. They are only too willing to feed their cat morsels of warm food from their hands 10 or more times a day. For others, their cat refusing to eat just one meal is intolerable.

To understand this problem, it helps to look at the natural diet and nutrition of our feline friends. Cats are natural carnivores, eating predominantly a meat-based (high protein) diet, little and often. Their sense of smell enables them to eliminate inedible or less preferred foods and their tastes are different to dogs and humans (cats have no sweet tastes).

Your fussy cat may instinctively be trying to eat the best diet he or she can. Or they may have trained you to provide only the foods they like… to continue reading this article from Purina, click here.

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