Consider the true cost of your food waste

If you’re looking for simple ways to help the planet this year on World Environment Day, we have a fun Food Waste Calculator to help you make a positive impact!

It’s an easy tool to use, to help you understand the true cost of your food waste. It’s not just the environment that will benefit, but also your pocket!

Did you know that each year, Aussies throw out 345kg of food waste per household – that’s the same weight as 3 fridges, and can cost as much as $3,600. If you added up all of that food waste across one year, it’s enough to fill 17,000 grounded 747 jumbo jets!

While you’re considering your food waste and how to reduce it, why not try some of our healthy recipes that are perfect for using your leftovers, like cauliflower gnocchi with kale pesto, baked pumpkin falafel, or our beet leaf pesto.

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