Food Waste Calculator

Find out what you are really throwing in the bin.

Each year, Aussies throw out 345kg per household – the same weight as 3 fridges!

For the average Aussie household, $3,600 of food is thrown away every year. That would pay off 21 months of your electricity bill!*

*Assumes household electricity bill of $2,000 per year

If you add up all the food Australia wastes each year (3.1m tonnes of edible food), it’s enough to fill 17,000 grounded 747 jumbo jets!

The IGA Food Waste Calculator is an easy, interactive tool to help you understand the true cost of wasting food. The calculator provides an estimate of the total impact of a product across the metrics of cost, energy and water consumption. These values have been calculated using a ‘Farm to Gate’ Life Cycle Assessment approach, encompassing impacts from farm, transport, processing and cooking.

Follow the simple steps below and give it a go!

Step 1


Note down the items of food you’ve thrown out this week

Step 2


Input your food waste into our simple calculator

Step 3


Get stats on how your food waste impacts the environment

By being food smart and making just a few small changes, we can all save time and money as well as reduce food waste and play our part to help stop edible food going to landfill.

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