10 tips for keeping your pet happy indoors

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When it comes to being stuck inside, there’s no doubt that pets can make the time at home feel a whole lot more enjoyable.

They’re there when we need to vent or just need a good cuddle, and their care provides a productive outlet that’s beneficial to both pets and people.

But being stuck at home with your pet can also present its share of challenges. Our pet behaviorists offer some tips on how to keep your pet happy and engaged when you’re stuck inside. 

1. Stick to Their Routine

Your routine has likely been disrupted in some pretty significant ways. In times like these, it can be tempting to let your pet’s routines fall to the wayside, too.

Purina behaviorist Dr. Annie Valuska warns against this, “It’s important to try to keep your pet’s routine as intact as possible. Feeding, potty, and walks should all happen when they normally do, and if your dog is used to going in the car, it’s not a bad idea to continue to take them for short drives.”

She also reminds us that continuing to ask for good manners, like sitting before going through a doorway or not begging for table scraps, is another important way to maintain consistency in your pet’s routine.

2. Be Intentional About Rest Time

Your pet may be used to having time to himself while the family is away, so try to give him plenty of rest throughout the day.

As Purina behaviorist Dr. Francois Martin reminds us, “It is not a good idea to change your pet’s routine with a lot of socialization. Pets are not kids. Owners don’t have to keep them busy with things to do all day.”

Parents, breathe a sigh of relief—your kids may need activities to fill their days, but your cat or dog will be just fine, and will even benefit from having some quiet time.

3. Let Them Chew it Out

For those conference calls, homeschooling sessions, or just moments when you need some rest, it can be helpful to give your pet a long-chew treat to help keep them entertained.

If your pet has a tendency to scarf down their treats, Kongs and other sturdy toys can be filled with peanut butter and then frozen for a longer-lasting distraction…

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