Ice-cream Pudding

  • 12 Serves
  • 30 minutes
  • 4 hours

Top off your entertaining with this quick but classy ice cream pudding. It looks great and tastes even better.


IGA Bakers Oven Dark Fruit Cake
3 cups leftover dark fruit cake, crumbled
1/3 cup Grand Marnier, or fruit juice
2 litres creamy, vanilla ice-cream
IGA Bakers Oven Fruitcake
150g dark chocolate


  1. Place the crumbled cake into a large bowl.
  2. Drizzle with the liqueur, stir to combine, cover and sit for at least 1 hour, stirring twice.
  3. Bring the ice-cream to room temperature.
  4. Add the ice cream to the crumbled cake and mix to combine.
  5. Line a pudding bowl with glad wrap, spoon the mixture in, cover with cling wrap and freeze for at least 4 hours, or overnight.
  6. 20 minutes from serving, melt the chocolate in a microwave in 30-second increments until nice and smooth.
  7. Remove and run a little hot water over the outside so that the pudding comes out of the bowl easily and invert onto a platter.
  8. Pour over the melted chocolate, allowing it to drip down the sides.
  9. Pop back into the freezer for 20 minutes to firm up. Decorate with fresh cherries, for extra height leave their stalks intact.


  1. You can customize this amazing cake to your taste. Add extra chopped glace cherries, chopped toasted almonds and chopped crystalized ginger.
  2. The cake may be made with any combination of juice and spirits; depends on what you have.
  3. Drizzle with any chocolate; dark or milk chocolate. Similarly, use chocolate ice-cream and drizzle with white chocolate … Both are fabulous!

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